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Fine Design Studio is new on the market, being primarily interested in customer satisfaction, at the expense of the charging system which is flexible. All prices are negotiable and depend on the scale of the research process.
However, in arguably the best price is "STATIONARY" Package consisting of logo, letterhead, envelope DL, C4 or business card templates and map pocket. Don’t think that, if you will only request logo design service and then you will hire someone else for the rest of creative services, you will have lower costs! All you do is adding new costs for research for other creative services.

There are several factors that compete in the final price. First of all, it takes into consideration the specifications of the project. We have a price for an order of a trader who now is launched on the market, and another price for a vendor that is on the market for 20 years and needs a resuscitation of the branding; one is a shoe importer IMPEX with one outlet store, and another is a multinational that operates a cable TV network that require a re-branding. Costs and time is different, although apparently the final product is a logo.
Time of realization of the project is also important, as it is shorter, both costs and resources allocated are higher.

Additional services and support creates subcontractors and usually involves additional personnel. Let's take the example of a customer who wants besides making mock-ups or templates wants the finished product. Fine Design Studio will not refuse to handle the actual realization of finished products, but this will require a contract with a third party. The advantage in this case is that the management of head-to-head process is in hand of a single project manager.

The purpose of the architectural approach is to create a unique setting to illustrate the part of the lessee's personality, but also to produce a certain state of mind through shapes and lights.

Through the contrast between the shapes and textures one can delineate any space that can be split into functions, so as to be easy to perceive at first sight.

Details always help, but should not clog the composition followed, giving thus greatest emphasis to proportionality and the geometry of the bath space. The space itself should be thought for the present time, but without altering its possibilities to turn it into the future.

“Less is more” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Campaign against Smoking

1st Place - Graphic Illustration of the Fight against Juvenile Smoking

Organizer: European Commission’s Health & Consumer Protection Directorate (DG SANCO)
European Youth Forum (YFJ)

From Idea to Concept

2nd Place - Concept of Sanitarium Objects with Storage Spaces

Organizer: S.C. Romstal S.R.L.
Trends and Ideas


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