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This logo was designed for a developing and online marketing company,  Samarras based in Barcelona.
This company is made by some freelancers of differents specialities that work together as a company. The design is based on one single shape building a whole new and vibrant shape.

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Construct’s brand identity begins with a mark that reflects the owners’ approach of borrowing influences from different quarters and periods. It aims to be a contemporary take on the heraldic shield that also draws inspiration from the markings on a cow bell.

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Africa Green is a travel company based in South Africa. The business organises and runs a wide range of outdoor adventures for Africa-bound globetrotters, including safari and hiking tours. Cape Town graphic designer Erwin Bindeman was brought in to create a befitting logo and identity design for the Pretoria-based tourism firm.

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The ‘X’ logomark sort of came about through some abstract sketching, trying to find some ‘hook’ within the brand name that could be used with a logomark. Often one looks at the initial when forming a logomark around the name, but after looking at various ‘L’ options it was apparent it would not really work.

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"When you're building a room, you're building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home."

- Rose Tarlow

The purpose of the architectural approach is to create a unique setting to illustrate the part of the lessee's personality, but also to produce a certain state of mind through shapes and lights.

Through the contrast between the shapes and textures one can delineate any space that can be split into functions, so as to be easy to perceive at first sight.

Details always help, but should not clog the composition followed, giving thus greatest emphasis to proportionality and the geometry of the bath space. The space itself should be thought for the present time, but without altering its possibilities to turn it into the future.

“Less is more” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Campaign against Smoking

1st Place - Graphic Illustration of the Fight against Juvenile Smoking

Organizer: European Commission’s Health & Consumer Protection Directorate (DG SANCO)
European Youth Forum (YFJ)

From Idea to Concept

2nd Place - Concept of Sanitarium Objects with Storage Spaces

Organizer: S.C. Romstal S.R.L.
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