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Why Fine Design Studio?

Fine Design Studio is a registered trademark which, though very young, has the ability to create a new image of your company, products and services you offer and will provide one of the most important tools of modern corporate culture. Your company's identity will be made through the logo. If you need to sell some products in a country where you don't speak the language, then your brand can be definitive. Is that when you judge a book by the cover, whether this is
correct or not.If the book is only exhibited in the shop window and we cannot browse it at the stand of books, then the cover becomes significant.

The collaboration between Fine Design Studio, as executor, you, as the customer, will be contracted, it can relate to the logo as well as other creative services such as:
• Letterhead,
• Envelope C4/DL,
• Business card templates
• A4 folder with Pocket
• A4 leaflet/flyer (Triptych),
• Web templates
• PowerPoint presentation templates
• Poster A3/A2
• Brochure templates (booklet) 8xA5/12xA5,
• Promotional mock,sticker mock, etc.

Fine Design Studio - The Logo Creation Process

Realization of the logo is the first and most important stage of our collaboration. Fine Design Studio, will want to get as much information about your company, the products and services provided, market position, economic data, performance and competitive advantages, as well as your preferences.

Often the beneficiary are reluctant in providing accurate data about their own company without considering the relevancy or saying that the information asked it too sensitive to be provided. We assure confidentiality on information as it is in our common interest. The last thing you want is that, at the end, after weeks of intense work, to discover that the logo chosen is likened, even slightly, with that of a competitor and it's all due to incorrect information.

On the London underground lanes, a beggar displays "Falkland Islands veteran". A noble gentleman what looks to be an officer in the army of her Majesty is addressing:
"Boy, I was one of lieutenants who participated in the battle of Goose Green. Then without the help of the Royal artillery we wouldn’t thrive. I lost one of my best friends there."

-"Hmmm"- trying to intervene.

-"No, don't say anything mate! I felt it on my own skin. Here! "- and the generous men stretches a 20 pound note.

-"Mucho gracias, senior!"- he responds.

This story is the result of misguided leadership of an interview and, consequently, the lack of information. Is the exact frustrating situation when Romania's capital is declared to be Budapest.

You must remember that Fine Design Studio is able to create the necessary mock forming of the logo and other creative services listed above. Do not confuse achieving graphical layout for business cards with printing double-sided 4-color-face or cards for your company. Printing can be commanded at any printing company. Basically Fine Design Studio can handle both the mocking and the actual printing, but Fine Design Studio target remains the concept of branding through graphical layouts of logos.

After 4 working days from the receipt of the information, Fine Design Studio is ready to consider with you the first 4 variants of the logo, then we will meet with you whenever it is necessary, at reasonable intervals, the entire duration of the contract. So your observations will be incorporated in new versions until the final version is reached.

"What good it brings working after a pattern? You'll only end up sculpturing corpses."

- Constantin Brancusi

The purpose of the architectural approach is to create a unique setting to illustrate the part of the lessee's personality, but also to produce a certain state of mind through shapes and lights.

Through the contrast between the shapes and textures one can delineate any space that can be split into functions, so as to be easy to perceive at first sight.

Details always help, but should not clog the composition followed, giving thus greatest emphasis to proportionality and the geometry of the bath space. The space itself should be thought for the present time, but without altering its possibilities to turn it into the future.

“Less is more” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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The logo is the most important tool of a company, it is its representative image and the first to communicate the way in which it is presented. We offer rebranding, logo and presentation maps services, at affordable and negotiable prices, to highlight your company's products and services.

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