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North Apartment

The living room and the office are minimal; I have used plywood interior made of Eternit to delineate the office from the living room and to make a point of interest around the fireplace with bio-ethanol and adjacent storage spaces.

The TV is in the vicinity of the wall with stained glass, the couch, armchair and chaise longue COR design are centrally located in the room so that it creates a flow of travel around the whole ensemble. The interior design planning started from the problem of storage of a large number of books, which has caused the long wall of the living room to be dressed into a large library with high modules that help us fragment space and to perceive it more easily.

The chandelier and lamp stand are used to mark the central space of the area. Against the backdrop of dutiful and calm I’ve chosen colour red to create an island accent which tones the entire space.

The kitchen was conceived as being a soldier, another intermediary body and an island of furniture with some countertop and a part dedicated to serving dinner. The three bodies have three registers of different height. I tried to compliance horizontal lines and the rhythm of the countertop that lines the bodies on the wall with the entrance in the kitchen. Through the use of the two materials, wood and dark gray mat material, we have created a high rhythm, passage of which is nuanced by longitudinal profile handles.

"Architecture arouses sentiments in man. The architect's task therefore, is to make those sentiments more precise."

- Adolf Loos

The purpose of the architectural approach is to create a unique setting to illustrate the part of the lessee's personality, but also to produce a certain state of mind through shapes and lights.

Through the contrast between the shapes and textures one can delineate any space that can be split into functions, so as to be easy to perceive at first sight.

Details always help, but should not clog the composition followed, giving thus greatest emphasis to proportionality and the geometry of the bath space. The space itself should be thought for the present time, but without altering its possibilities to turn it into the future.

“Less is more” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Campaign against Smoking

1st Place - Graphic Illustration of the Fight against Juvenile Smoking

Organizer: European Commission’s Health & Consumer Protection Directorate (DG SANCO)
European Youth Forum (YFJ)

From Idea to Concept

2nd Place - Concept of Sanitarium Objects with Storage Spaces

Organizer: S.C. Romstal S.R.L.
Trends and Ideas

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